Have you ever asked yourself about the existence of God, or is Jesus real? Have you said "help me god", or "help me find God". Then I can help to answer.

Proof for the Existence of God

I know there is a lot of writting on this page, but I ask you not to leave until you have seen at least one proof that God exists, you are not going to have to read much to see what God can do. There is alot of proof that god exists, not every evidence for the existence of god can be prooved using a scientific test, although some can, generally it requires some degree of trust that the person who is speaking to you is telling you the truth. What you will find on this page are countless times that God has proved himself to me, like performing divine healing, telling me future events before they happen, providing insight knowedge and guidence, through direct communication with me. There are also links to there sites that I believe can help answer the question is Jesus real, and what is the christian faith. This page is designed to help you know God Personally.

Help me find God! Getting to know God. Know God Personally.

Have you ever cried "help me God", or tried to find faith. This site list the experiences I have had with God, you will find he is very knowable, and willing to save you from your troubles, sins, and issues in your life. This site contains the times that God has spoken to me, given me direction, or performed miracles for me, such as divine healing, or provision. It also explains how to have a relationship with God.

Does God Speak

God speaks often, and for me presonally this has been one of the main proofs that god exists. These experiences can't proove to you God exists, but if you can trust me it can help you know there is a God. This page has many examples of God speaking, but if you want to go to a page dedicated to the topic of does God speak then click here.

God Predicts the Future

One morning I got up and walked into the hall and I heard a voice that I believed was God say "How would you like to be stabbed in the Valley". The Valley was known as the rough end of town, and the voice scared me a little, I wondered if I had done something to offend God. I had planned to go down to the Valley to ask people out to church as was my habit at the time. In the end I went anyway regardless of the fear. I walked up to the first person I met and asked him if he would like to go out to church. He said to me "I am an atheist, I don't believe in God". I just said "fine", but hoped to change his mind. He then proceeded to unbutton his shirt and showed me scar marks up and down his chest and stomach. He said to me, "I was attacked by a knife wielding man in the Valley some time ago and spent months recovering in hospital, How could God allow that to happen to me". Then I knew why God had said in the morning "How would I like to be stabbed?". God understood this man, but had a good plan for him. Some weeks latter this man came out to church and became a Christian.

God Rescues a Prisinor of War

Some time after the second Gulf War an Australian man Douglas Wood was captured by terrorists in Iraq, who made demands for a ransom or he would be executed. I set about fasting and praying for his release, I said to God "You know where he is....tell me". Three words entered my mind ABC, Bazaar and "a meal". I thought "I am going crazy what has all that got to do with him. Bazaar I though "this is Bizarre". I thought maybe "a meal" is a town so I searched a map of Iraq for a town of that name, but found nothing that really matched. Some time latter Douglas Wood was freed by US troops who came across his captors. It was not until latter that I actually discovered what the three words meant. I was on a forum libertyunites.us and came across a post by a user called ABC in the post she appealed to the terrorists to release Douglas Wood because she had seen him go to a Bazaar (another name for shop) and bought food (sausages I think it was) for disadvantaged people and had provided them with "a meal". So the three words God had given me when I prayed were about that post. So God did not tell me where he was he told me what type of person Douglas Wood was a good man. I believe God saw Douglas Wood's kind action too and blessed with an escape from his captors. More Info

When I saw on TV that Warren Rodwell had been taken captive by militia in the Philippines, I though back to how Douglas Wood had been freed from his captors. I knew God was the answer to this situation. I did not have faith, I was weak in my own abilities, I did not believe I could directly help. But I went to God is prayer, I prayed in faith that he would be released no matter what it took to do it. It was not a very long prayer, but it was a believing prayer. To my surprise a few months after this prayer for Warren he was released. I found out that negotiations for his release had been successful. He is now a free man.

If you have a need no matter how small, you might not be able to get a word from God, but you can still pray. The bible says the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective.

For more examples go to Does God Speak, can I know the future.

God's Blessing and Prosperity

Jesus wishes us all to have blessing in our lives. The fruit of the Spirit of God is love, joy, and peace. We all want to be loved, have joy and contentment in our lives. God offers us these things. He can also lead you personally into success.

God helps a business Grow

Some times it is hard to gauge how your prayers are going. However I recently had an experience that showed me that God does answer our prayers in miraculous ways. We have a client at work who is involved in Market Research, I pray for my clients on a regular basis. One day as I was working on their Website God spoke to me and said "How would I like to work for channel 9?" Channel 9 in a major free to air TV channel in our country. I was shocked by it and did not know what God was suggesting, but took care with the Website incase it was put on TV. However around a month latter Channel 9 approached the very client who I was working for when God asked me the question. And their business was put on channel 9's program called A Current Affair. God is in control of the affairs of men. As a further encouragement another client who I pray for, a charity, was put on the front page of the white pages in Brisbane, one of the cities major business directories.

God finds me a wife

Wisdom, like an inheritance, is a good thing and benefits those who see the sun. - Ecc 7:11 I have always considered it wise to seek God for every thing in life. By this I do not mean "God, what should I eat" or "what should I wear". Not small insignificant things but things that matter. God cares about the things that we see as significant, things that are important to us. There was a point in my life where I was single, unmarried and constantly bombarded by the worlds system of doing things, a system to which I was diametrically opposed. I wanted to find a partner, but was not really sure how to go about it. By trade I am a computer programmer so the Internet was very familiar to me. So I tried internet dating. I remember getting to a point of meeting quite a few people but not really fully clicking with any of them. So I prayed and said out of all the thousands of people that are online in the world there must be some one who could make a good partner for me. So I deliberately listened for God’s voice, and prayed once. The word “Grace” entered my mind. So I typed “Grace” into the search box (that was used to search for profiles). The first profile to come up was of Ru Chen, I contacted her and we started chatting online for some weeks then we decided to meet. We went out together to the movies and just eating out, and seeing each other for some time. Eventually we decided to marry. We went out and bought a ring. Some months latter we got married. We are now happily married with a son. This has been a great blessing to me. If you want advice on how to find a partner for life I discuss it on the prayer, and advice page.

God helps us with an investment decision

On the 10 of October 2012 the LORD prevented us from making a bad financial decision. Me and my wife had found a house that we thought could be a good investment for our future. But our pastor prayed about it and felt that it was not going to be a good investment. So I prayed that if it was not a good investment God would get the bible to open randomly to James 4:13-15, otherwise the bible would open to the verse in Mal 3:10 about God blessing our finances. I opened my bible on the computer and moved my hand quickly and randomly, first selecting a book of the bible, then a verse, all without looking where I was choosing, and it opened to James 4:13-15 so I knew that God did not want us to go ahead. Jas 4:13-15 “Some of you say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to some city. We will stay there a year, do business, and make money." Listen, think about this: You don't know what will happen tomorrow. Your life is like a fog. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away. So you should say, "If the Lord wants, we will live and do this or that."

For more examples of using the bible to get guidence from God see Random Bible Opening to Hear God.

God promises Blessing

One night I was praying for God’s people that God would prosper them, and exult them to positions of influence. After praying for some time I went to bed. While in bed I prayed that God would reveal to me something from him. When I asked for him to show me something I saw my mother, 3 or 4 times, just her face. It did not mean anything to me so I went to sleep. The next morning when I got up my mother came to me and said “God gave me a verse of scripture for you”. It was 3 John 1:2 “Beloved, in regard to all things, I pray for you to prosper and to be in health, as your soul prospers”. So God had spoken to me the night before, he was telling me my mother would be used as the channel to speak his word to me, and it was of our prosperity.

Prayer for healing or spiritual healing

God still heals people when others pray. You can even pray for yourself. God wants us to pray to him. I have had a few examples of divine healing.

A prophet came to our church, this prophet picked me out and said if I started to believe God then he would start to do some amazing things in my life. It built up my faith and I wondered what God was going to do. I often worked for a nice elderly man doing his gardening for him. One day his daughter came to Tasmania to do up her house to sell it. She wanted it painted so I helped to paint the house. Halfway through the painting she asked me if I would help her move a wardrobe, and she said to me "This is going to hurt". I asked why and she said that she had had a lot of problems with her back. So I thought of the Word of the LORD that had been given to me by the prophet, and how the bible says lay hands on the sick and they will recover, so I asked her if I could pray for her back, she said yes. It was healed instantly, but I did not know this. I was actually a bit afraid that God might not have done anything, and just continued my work. But when I did eventually ask her she said it had been healed instantly. God gave me further proof of this healing. We had a person in the street who wanted to buy the house where we were living and they spead fake ghost stories, saying there was a ghost haunting the house where we we staying, to try to scare off buyers. Quite a stupid idea. But you would be supprised what people will believe. Apparently the real estate agent trying to sell the house asked the mother of the woman who was healed, "Is there really a ghost in the house" (they owned the house we stayed in). The mother replied "There will be no ghosts in there they do hands on healing", and she told her about the healing. The real estate agent shared this story with us when she visited. So from the initial word of the LORD a healing occured which cause people to have greater awarness of the reality of God's power.

Although this story had proof to those who were there it is probably not as useful to you. So I have included a link to a web site run by Christian Doctors who have documented cases of divine healing, i.e. they have proof to fauther build your faith.

Another unverified story of healing happened some years earlier. I was visiting disabled people on a weekly basis. I met one disabled man who had permenant brain damage and could not speak. He had to use a thing similar to a keyboard to communicate. This particular man wanted to teach German, but it is a bit hard to teach a language when you can't speak. I set about fasting and praying for all the disabled people, at the end of the week of prayer the man who could not speak began to speak, every one at the centre was amazed that he could talk. This story is classed as unverified because although he began speaking I was unable to follow up his case over time to see if it continued because I got a full time job and stopped visiting the centre.

The following is a healing testimony of one of our family members.

I have a testimony from my Aunty’s niece. Her name is Lijuan Gao, 30 years old now. About 4 years ago, she had the kidney transplant operation. The operation was very successful. A little over a year after the operation, she felt very unwell with the high fever during the mid day. She contacted the Beijing hospital which she had operation. The hospital asked her to come to hospital as soon as possible. Then she booked the air ticket immediately. Because she arrived late on the day, she lived outside the hospital on that night, and she went to the hospital the next morning. At the beginning, she only was given the drop, not long after, she went into the comma and was sent to the ICU. The doctor diagnose that was not related to her previous kidney transplant operation, just an infection from unknown virus that id not have any cure at that moment, there had only been around 10 similar cases so far in that hospital, and only one of the cases was alive in the history record. She had been in comma for many days without any conscious at all , apart from still breathing, and her face was distorted badly. The hospital told her dad that she would get worse and worse, and would stop breathing any time, the doctor asked the family and relatives to come to see her last time and prepare to take her home for the funeral. Around 23 relatives arrived at Beijing and rented places around hospital for a few days to wait for taking her body home as the hospital felt here was no more hope. Her mum also had bought all the funnel dress for her in Beijing. The churches and family kept praying for her, and her dad gave the nurse the worship song music device to play beside her daughter’s ear in ICU room. One day, her dad prayed that Lord please save my daughter, if she is alive, then I will give her to you for your mission. Then he felt that her daughter will be awake, so he asked the doctor to let him to go inside the ICU room to see her daughter. When he went into the room, he saw his daughters finger was moving, he then rushed to the doctor and told the doctor. Then the doctor gathered all the special doctors to have a meeting. Three days later, the girl wake up with great smile in the ICU room. All the relatives renting outside the hospital all came to the hospital to see her.

And she told them what had happened. She said she felt very very terrible. She saw two people in black, dragging her to a dark place. She was fighting and didn't want to go with them. She couldn't do anything, and cried out to Jesus to ask him to save her. Then she saw two people in white coming closer and closer to her, then two people in black suddenly disappeared. And the two people in white were holding her hands and taking her to the light place. She was so happy to follow them and kept smiling, then she was awake with great smiles.

The doctors said that was miracle, a lot of nurses said Jesus is alive. Most of the relatives were saved on that day as well.

After that, she stayed in the hospital for another 10 days to recover, then she was discharged from the hospital. It has been for around 2 and half years now.

She enrolled bible college this September. Normally, only the bachelor degree graduates can go to the bible college, however, because of her testimony, a lot of churches supported her, and her commitment to serve the lord, she was successfully enrolled into the course. That is another miracle for her because she didn't get a lot of education in the past due to the one child policy in China, she didn't get registration after the birth, and couldn't go the school earlier.

Testimony Author: Ru Chen

So what verses in the bible support healing.

Religion Reforms Criminals

Scientific Studies on the Gospel

At one point in time God revealed to me how to help overcome the negative thinking that is often put forth from the mouth of the opponents of the gospel. During this prayer time, he led me to find some scientific studies that were done that proove the effectiveness of the gospel in reforming prisioners, these were passed on to people involved in a court case aimed at removing the gospel from schools. Additionally He used imagery from the bible that may not be familiar to all readers of this web page.

The High Court Challenge

I recieved an email from a person in our church asking to sign a survey of support for chaplins in schools. That is a sensible thing to do I thought, becasue the natural things are important. Having the right approach. Being well recieved. I signed the letter and sent on some emails to family asking them to add their support as well. Every voice is very important. Then I thought about prayer.

So I sat infront of my computer after signing the letter of support, and started to pray, and it was as though all hell reared it's head, and I thought to my self this power is unbeatable. But I said to myself, I will not submit to this feeling. So started to pray, and walked around the room, reminding God of the small successes, he had performed in the past, and said in the same way David told Saul I can succed against the Giant Goliath in the same way I can succed against this feeling of hopelessness. Thoughs bombarded my mind you will not succeed, you will fail. But I started to rise my faith up and said to God, the small victories, we can use them as a training ground for bringing down the impossible situations. Like David I said, he slew the Giant, but had trained himself before hand, in worship, praise, and God used his little sling the only talent he had latter on to bring down an enemey of Israel, so I too can try to hear from you, as I have in the past, to bring down this situation.

From time to time I heard God speak, he said "I need a Deputy", and I was thinking what does he mean. Is he saying all those kids are like deputies, under the authority of the law giver, God himself. I did not know, but my thought was directed toward the term Deputy.

After a few hours of praying, I sat down at my computer again and though, I might as well try a google search for it, I typed "God's Deputy". There was a page there http://www.godsdeputy.com, it was talking about God's ability to heal lives, the man was selling videos, I though well I have nothing else to do I might as well listen to his recording at the bottom of the page. In the recording Baker Eddie Morton a prision minister said,

Baker Eddie Morton a prision minister with Unfoldment Inc.
"Welcome to God's deputy home of three great healing ideas, Sermon on the mount the movie, Conquering Fear, and what can I do to be saved. These ideas have been tested and proven to be effective, they were tested for three years with more than two hundred inmates at lanton prision in Viginia as a part of the Unfoldment Incorporated substance abuse program at the prision when the program ended the DC department of corrections reported a 76% reduction in the recidivism rate for inmates who were exposed to these ideas, if these ideas can heal those regarded as the worst among us they can help anybody".

So I though that sounds like a good angle, God heals the worst people in society, and drugs effect youth. So I sent him an email. But it was time to go to bed, my wife had come in and told me it was late. I went into the spare room picked up my bible, and opened it at random to get a word from God before going to bed, as is my habit, and it opened to,

So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him." - 1Sa 17:50

This encouraged me, becasue I had just been talking to God about David, and how it is possible to overcome obsicles when we keep our eyes on God's love, and abilities. But my mind was still spinning with negative thoughts, I could not sleep, intense waves of negative thouhts came against my mind, with strong feelings that this God's Deputy is just a newage wirdo, and voices said you only found his site becasuse I was a weirdo too, and he said look at those bright pictures on his website, all newages have bright pictures (trying any thing to throw doubt on it), and over and over he is lying, you will be prooved to be a fool, he has made it up.

But I refused to give in, thinking of the verse I had got from the bible about david triumphing over the philistine, and I said "God's Deputy mentioned 'what can I do to be saved', newages don't believe in salvation, being saved, and the bible", so after much toil I went to sleep. For days I tried in vain to find the study, and Unfoldment Inc. Other nights thoughts kept comming to me judging me silently, saying the chaplins will already have studies like that sort of thing, don't bother them. But I though, no I will see what I can find out so I sent emails to the Virginia prision department in the USA, they said "DC did have Lorton prison located in Virginia; however, the DC Prison System was absorbed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons" - I was a little disheartened becasue I thought maybe the study is old, and hard to find. I found Unfoldment Inc's address on a website, and they were a drug rehabilitation organisation, so this encouraged me I sent them a snail mail, to an address in DC, but there was no reply. I wondered if other studies had been done that were similar, or if they knew of the study. No one that I contacted had heard of the study, yet I did not give up. But one organisation I asked had another study that showed similar sucess rates to the mentioned by Baker Morton, the study showed that people exposed to the teaching of Jesus were far more sucessful in rehabilitation, and and less likely to reoffend once released from prision as an example 15% reoffence rates to people who completed the bible study to 42.2% for those that did not. Over the period of a few days I located the studies below.

In April of 1997, with the full support of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), Prison Fellowship Ministries (PFM) launched an unusual correctional experiment—a Faith-Based Pre-Release Program. The program was distinctive in that it was expressly Christian in orientation. The InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI), as it would later be named, was officially launched under the recommendation of then-governor George W. Bush. This unique public-private partnership between TDCJ and PF represented a first for Texas.

Results of IFI Texas Two-Year Recidivism Analysis*
  Full Sample (n=1931) IFI Sample (n=177) IFI Graduates (n=75) IFI Non-completers (n=102)

RECIDIVISM (re-offence) TYPE

(1a) IFI vs. (2a) Match Group

(1b) IFI Graduates vs. (3b) Non-Completers

(1c) < 16 months vs
(3c) > 16 months

(1d) <16 months vs
(3d) > 16 months










% Arrested

















# Arrested









Sample Size









Chi-Square 0.09, p = .76 19.98, p < .0001 0.33, p < .5652 2.67, p < .1023

% Incarcerated

















# Incarcerated









Sample Size









Chi-Square 1.57, p = .21 18.79, p < .0001 1.05, p < .3059 0.46, p < .4982
* Note: All tests used the Pearson X2 statistic with one degree of freedom for a 2 X 2 table.

Additional Results
  18 Month Recidivism Rates for IFI Participants 24 Month Recidivism Rates for IFI Program Graduates (Excluding first 6 months following release) 24 Month Recidivism Rates for IFI Program Graduates and Non-Completers Paroled Early
RECIDIVISM TYPE (1a) IFI Graduates vs.
(2a) IFI Non-Completers
(1b) IFI Graduates vs. (2b) IFI Non-Completers–Paroled Early
  (1a) (2a) (1b) (2b)
% Arrested 16% 42.2% 17.3% 62.7%
# Arrested 12 43 13 32
Sample Size 75 102 75 51
% Incarcerated 8% 34.3% 8% 47.1%
# Incarcerated 6 35 6 25
Sample Size 75 102 75 51

Download full study tabulated by Prison Fellowship Ministries.

Post-Release Recidivism Study
This is a seperate study to the one above. Performed in the 1970's.

Post-release Bible Study and Criminal Recidivism 1975 -1979
The group’s study involved 190 prisoners who between 1975 and 1979 had taken part in Christian discipleship training, and a similar number who had not, matched by age, race, gender and other factors. Both groups had been released from prison eight to 14 years prior to the study.
  Taken part in Christian discipleship training years after being release from prision Control Group
% of Men Incarcerated 40% 51%
% of Women Incarcerated 19% 47%

Study Source
The following is a direct quotation from George Cornell, AP Religion Writer ( The Wilson Daily Times, December 1, 1990)

The group’s study involved 190 prisoners who between 1975 and 1979 had taken part in Christian discipleship training, and a similar number who had not, matched by age, race, gender and other factors. Both groups had been released from prison eight to 14 years prior to the study.

It found that the religion-trained ones had an 11 percentage point lower recidivism rate than the control group. Forty percent of the religion-schooled group committed new offenses, while 51 percent of the others did so.

The religiously trained group also had a longer crime-free period following release, and when they did commit new crimes, the crimes were less severe compared to past offenses. The control group had increased crime-severity.

The recidivism rate for women who took religious training was even lower, only 19 percent, compared to 47 percent among the control group of women. Among men only, the differential was only seven points...

Teen Challenge's Success
Bible based drug and alchahol programs are more effective in reducing cravings, and reuse. Summary of report Teen Challenge's Christ Centered Drug Rehabilitation compared to Secular Drug Rehabilitation

Post-treatment Cravings of Alcohol or Drugs
  Percent Answering Yes to the Question: "During the last six months have you had problems with craving alcohol or drugs?"
  Teen Challenge (bible based) Comparison Group
Alcohol 14% 29%
Drugs 19% 35%

I did eventually make contact with the organisation called Unfoldment Inc, they had moved to Florida. The woman I contacted who was in charge of the Study at Lorton Prision at the time said that her father who was responsible for the spiritual direction of the study had passed away the year before, and she mentioned she would do what she could to get the study. As for the tiny website selling videos she was not even aware that her father who she loved dearly had made it. But I believe God wanted that study, but not only that, to let her know that her fathers legacy lives on. When I asked for a verse of encouragement from the bible for her I got, "A seed shall serve him; It shall be told of the Lord unto the next generation. They shall come and shall declare his righteousness Unto a people that shall be born, that he hath done it". - Psa 22:30-31 So I encouraged her in the LORD that their work was still able to change lives, to a "Generation .. that shall be born".

As a final reference to previously opening the bible to the passage about david and goliath (see story above). As a funny little coincidence I was at my sisters house and reading books to my nephew about numbers, counting, writting etc, and then he got out the childrens bible, and I opened it at random, and it opened to the story of David slaying Goliath in pictures. So even with his little picture book God was able to open to a page to strengthen my faith, the exact same passage he opened to a few nights before in a normal bible. So next time a giant arises if it is Gods will and his purpose, for in God we are led peacebly into victory. It does not need to be a struggle. Some things God just lets us do easily and other times well it requires a knowledge of God's character of faithfulness to not give up in the heat of the battle. For even Jesus was lead into the desert to be tempted by satan, there will always be temptations to give up, to quit, and return to the old life. But the new life is better than the old, and leads to eternal life, and victory.

Help me find God

How can you know God. Simple Jesus died as a sacrifice for our sins, so we can both be forgiven for and freed from our sins. Jesus promised to live with in us, by his Spirit, that he would be our counselor and guide, to lead us into all truth, to keep us in the truth. The bible is God's word, he will not tell you anything that is not in there. He wants a relationship with us. His love for you is great. In want to share a part of my salvation experience with you, to let you know what God thinks about us all. When I was first a Christian I was praying which I had never really done before I was a Christian, and I felt a feeling of love, only slightly, and a quiet voice that said "This is what I have always wanted". I though to my self what a good person I am, I have always wanted a relationship with God. Then the voice replied "No I said that". God touched me with his love and told me he had always desired a relationship with me. He loved the fact he could now start that relationship. He wants to know you personally too. No matter how good you are no matter how bad you have become, he an change us all to be better individuals.

You might ask how do I become a Christian, or what is it I need to do. First note the following verse: Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. "Everything is permissible for me" —but not everything is beneficial. - 1Co 6:9-12

So if any of those things sounds like you, if you live one of those life styles you need to cease. Also note the final point of the verse "but not everything is beneficial" God knows what is best for us. Take drunkenness as an example, it causes a lot of problems for society, violence, and put lives at risk, one of my friends got drunk and was hit by a car, he lived but he could have been killed. Sexual imorrality causes a lot of single mothers who are unloved and left with babies to look after, don't say it does not happen. I know many men who have sex with women get them pregnant then ditch them, or others who have sex then when the woman wants a committed relationship they basically tell them to f-off, a swear word intended. Homosexuality is not what God intends for us. Theft, murder, greed, all of these things are wrong. God wants us to be blessed, he is a good God. You must repent. Turn around. And allow God to lead you into gentleness, kindness and love.

So what do you need to do to become a Christian, well be sincere in you prayer, that is all God asks. Ask him to come into your life. Then just enjoy your life, there is no specail task that he requires of you, only that you get to know him. The bible is where you find out about God, it is his final and complete revelation, Jesus said false prophets would arrise and decieve many, but you be led by the truth. If you are a person of mission and purpose there are a lot of things you can accomplish with God as your guide. Don't think you have to live the ordinary life, when you can live the extraordinary. But we were all made for the ordinary as well, God made us to enjoy the simple things in life. Don't feel burdened that you may have a massive task ahead of you. God in my experience does not force you to do anything rather allows you to live at the point that you can cope with. Or more correctly, the place that you enjoy. So don't think you will need to give up all the good things in life and become a monk or a nun. God loves you, he wants you blessed. Let him bless you. You will find him, when you seek for him with your whole heart.

Can you lose your salvation

Some times a person who is a Christian will think that they have sinned so badly that God will not forgive them. But this is not actually true, see What is the unpardonable sin, the unforgivable sin, or blasphemy of the holy spirit

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