Can low blood pressure cause seizures

Findings from fitting due to low blood pressure possibly holds a key to a cure for all epilepsy find out how below

This document discusses how low blood pressure, or poor blood flow can cause seizures. There are also some observations on possible ways to help combat blood related seizures. There is also a new theory on the cause of epilepsy with recommendations for treating all forms of epilepsy. Note there are quite a few references on this page to hearing God speak. Although I have certainly from time to time heard from God, I can not be 100% sure the things I received in prayer are true. Even the bible says: 1Th 5:19-21 Don't turn away God's Spirit or ignore prophecies. [but] Put everything to the test [use the natural mind to determine if it is true]. Accept what is good, Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Finding out Epilepsy Can be caused by Low Blood Pressure

A few years ago I was seeking God for cures to illness scientifically. I would pray and ask God to show me about how the illness worked and how to cure it. My fried John has epilepsy so I prayed about it. As I prayed I kneeled down and asked God what to do. A voice spoke to me and said “Stand up I love people”, and the words, "Tryglycerides", and "Sodium Magnate" entered my mind. A vision followed seconds after and I saw my friend John drunk and looking awful. It did not make a lot of sense to me. I looked up the word Tryglycertides, and Sodium Magnate. Tryglycerides was a real medical word, but I could find nothing on Solium Magnate, but from this point I started my research. I also at a latter date saw two pipes, one was blocked and blood was not flowing through it, the other pipe had normal blood flow. What I did was to focus the research on the effect of blood flow on epilepsy. I found out that Epilepsy is not just caused by brain damage but rather can be caused by irregular blood flow. During this research I actually met a girl at the bus stop who had Epilepsy, she had no brain damage, but took fits, she was diagnosed with abnormally low blood pressure, she also had fits  when drinking alchahol. The effect of blood flow on Epilepsy is discussed below. After doing all my research the conclusion I came to was that Epilepsy is the bodies attempt to return blood supply to the brain, that a fit causes the body to lie flat so there is less gravitational pressure on the blood flow. When the brain senses a lack of nutrients to key areas, it shuts down the body using a fit, to resupply the brain. I see it as a normal function of the brain that inappropriately triggers. I will provide evidence to back this theory in this post. However I can not be 100% certain that this theory is correct, it would need to be tested. You may say well I don't fall over when I am having a seizure so how could this possibly be. But any function of the brain is made up of multile cells, no single cell is responsible for a sezuire. Say there were 1000 cells responsible for performing this function if only 100 experienced blood loss only a minior seizure would occur and you would not fall over. Below is the evidence supporting this view, and finally how Sodium Magnate and Tryglycerides may help. As for brain damage causing epilepsy I see it as acting as a localised blood clot, slowing movement of blood to the brain.

Evidence that blood supply is linked to fitting.

After completing my research, I found that the Manchester Heart Centre in the United Kingdom had done research that showed that  many cases of epilepsy are blood related not a brain disorder, and they were concerned about misdiagnosis. I agree with their findings:

"Syncope is a situation where there's a sudden, abrupt loss of blood supply to the brain, with resultant loss of consciousness and collapse. And it is recognised that commonly such a collapse can be complicated by abnormal movements: thrashing of the limbs and so forth, sometimes facial automatisms, which are very, very difficult to distinguish from epilepsy, even for a specialist observer", said Adam Fitzpatrick of the Manchester Heart Centre (Epilepsy Misdiagnosis, Normal Swan, ABC radio National, 1999)

"Amongst the concerns is that some patients may receive anti-convulsant medication inappropriately, and that might have harmful effects. Some of the anti-convulsant agents, particularly the older ones, have unpleasant side effects", said Adam Fitzpatrick of the Manchester Heart Centre (Epilepsy Misdiagnosis, Normal Swan, ABC radio National, 1999).

Fitting Can be Caused by Poor Blood Flow

So what other evidence is there that epilepsy or more correctly fitting is related to blood flow. The following is a list of epileptic type symptoms in people with no brain damage, the following times fitting can occur:

We see all these instances where healthy people can fit, are can be linked to blood loss or can be put down to lower heart function. In a blood test blood is removed resulting in temporarily less blood, and slightly lower blood pressure. Eclampsia, or fitting at child birth is accompanied by blood loss, and irregular heart beat, and has been shown to occur more frequently in people with cardiovascular disease. Wounding results in blood loss, and lower blood pressure. Blood clots restrict blood flow. Naturally low blood pressure is a disease where the person has abnormally low blood pressure, some of these people take fits.

So I am suggesting that reduced blood flow can cause fitting. So how does brain damage relate to blood flow. When a person has suffered brain damage some of the cellular pathways used to supply nutrients to the brain no longer function as they do in a healthy person, they die leaving scare tissue, or become broken or fractured. Having healed either incorrectly, or some pathways ceasing to operate at all.  The cellular pathways also act like a complex network of pipes in the transfer of blood and glucose, used to perform brain function, by supplying chemicals for brain reactions. We have seen slight drops in blood pressure are possibly related to fitting, so it is possible the distribution of blood around brain damage could be reduced and act as a blood clot. Brain damage becomes like a permanent blood clot in the brain, requiring more blood pressure to get the feul to the brain.

My theory, and I say that again theory, not fact, is that when the brain becomes starved of nutrients a fit occurs. The reason I believe it could be nutrient starvation is due to something a person told me about their husband and fitting. He took fits when drinking beer, but did not fit when drinking rum. You will find rum has 6 times more calories than a standard beer. So when the blood has more nutrients it prevented fitting in this case.

So what could help reduce fitting

Increased Brain Energy

If it turns out to be true that nutrient starvation to the brain is the cause of fitting, then increased blood energy, and brain food could help to reduce fitting.

One word I got when I prayed was TriGlycerides. I am not sure whether TriGlycerides are a good or bad thing with regard to a blood flow, energy balance. Certain types of TriGlycerides have been used to reduce seizures in children. TriGlyceride releases much more energy into the blood preventing tiredness, a symptom preceding and accompanying low heart function, as it releases "twice as much energy into the blood as does as carbohydrates and proteins" (Wiki, TriGlyceride 2007) specifically brain food glucose when broken down by glycerol. Blood starvation to the brain I believe can be overcome by enriching the percentage of available energy in the blood. However too many TriGlycerides can cause the clogging of ateries, which would be counter productive in regard to blood flow. One thing that may be useful if this theory is correct is to monitor TriGlycerides excessively low levels would mean a need for more food, and energy intake, levels that are too high are also probably counter productive.

Energy release form TriGlycerided is important to this theory. Elevated levels of amino acids increase Glucagon to break down TriGlycerides, as would be seen after consumption of a protein-rich meal. Foods with amino acids are the building blocks of protein. That means they are responsible for strength, repair and rebuilding inside your body. Your tissues, your cells, your enzymes and your brain all get their nourishment and protection from amino acids. Studies have shown that the best way to get all the essential amino acids not made by the humans is to eat animal protein. Meat, eggs, and dairy are the most common sources of these important building blocks. You could also consider taking an amino acid suppliment.

As I mentioned previously, a person I was told about has epileptic fits during alchahol (beer) consumption, but not when drinking rum, not being an alchahol drinker I looked up some nutrition information from a site rum apparently has 6 times more calories than a standard beer per ounce. e.g. 10c compared to 64c, per 1 fl oz, or 64c / 12c 1 fl oz (Calories in Alcoholic beverage, 2007). As they are both similar in substance, but one distilled, with more energy. This further shows additional to our initial research that energy is a primary factor in reducing the likely hood of a fit. I doubt the person is doing any thing different when drinking beer than when drinking rum, watching TV or at the pub, should be at church more fun any way, I.e. a factor is the available energy.

Adiquate levels of Magnesium are also needed for energy production. A study, published in the March 2001 issue of the journal "Brain Research Bulletin," reveals that low levels of magnesium ions in brain tissue lead to reduced production of energy.

So basically any method to increase brain energy would be benificial.

Sodium Magnate

Sodium Magnate is not a real chemical, but its name implies the mixture of Sodium (Salt) and Magnesium.

The Use of Salt

If my theory is correct, increased blood pressure would help to get blood to areas of the brain damaged by brain injury due to more pressure forcing blood through restricted blood flow pathways. An increase in Sodium increases blood pressure. Also increasing blood pressure via the bodies natural metabolism, and heart strength, via exercise could be beneficial. Also drink lots of nonalcoholic fluids. Limit alcoholic beverages.

The Use of Magnesium

Magnesium has been known to reduce fitting in women during childbirth, and is also know to be important in the creation of new blood cells, and is important in energy creation. There is also a theory that people with epilepsy are often Magnesium deficient. See below:

So that is it, it is possible that the word given to me in prayer “Sodium Magnate”, refers to a medication that increases blood pressure, boosts energy creation, and increase creation of new blood cells. There is enough evidence to suggest that Epilepsy could be related to blood flow. So in theory it is possible Epilepsy is the bodies way of trying to get blood to the brain easier, by removing the gravitation downward force on blood flow, by causing a person to lie horizontally, in an attempt to supply more energy to the brain when low levels are detected.

Brain Damaged Person Healthy Person

Damaged brain tissue acts as a perminant blood clot, supplies less blood, or needs higher blood pressure to supply the same amount of blood as a healthy person, and hence less energy is supplied via chemicals in the blood.

Healthy blood flow provides sufficient energy to the brain.

Epilepsy and Blood Pressue
Epilepsy and Blood Pressure

BOL Bcl-2-Related Ovarian Death Gene and its cell killing ability a Cancer Lead?

A couple of years ago I started to seek God for cures for illnesses. Here is one of the things that happened. So what happened.

I was praying to God and asked him for a scientific cure for cancer. Two words entered my mind as I prayed  “BOD-L” and water, it sounded like “Bottled Water”.

I did some research into the term BOD-L and I found it was a gene that was known to initiate cell death in Ovarian Cells. Why this could be interesting is that Cancer are cells that do not undergo normal cell death. So a by studying how cell death works in conjunction with BOD-L may hold some keys, to a cancer cure. Information on BOD-L can be found at BOD has been studied by the Division of Reproductive Biology Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Stanford University School of Medicine Stanford, California 94305-5317

It was interesting that a few days after this I had a vision of a bottle of water, inside the bottle the water was being stirred, it was spinning. I had no idea what it meant but I assumed it was related the BOD-L experience, having sounded like bottled water. I went to a small group meeting at church, and said I was thinking of praying for scientific cures for illness. The pastor at the meeting, without knowledge of my bottle of spinning water, bought up the story from the bible of how an angel would stir or spin the water at a pool in Jerusalem and the first person to get in was healed. He mentioned this story and said God has many different ways to heal. To me this gave me insight into the bottle of spinning water that it represented a different way to heal.

I don’t know anything more about BOD-L I just found out a little bit about it on the Internet a few years ago. But if you are of an inquiring mind it may be worth a look.

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