Fictional Story Depicting the Creation and fall of mankind


Eze 28: You have been in Eden, the garden of God. Every precious stone was your covering; the ruby, the topaz, and the jasper, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the turquoise, and the carbuncle, and gold; the workmanship of your tambourines and of your flutes in you. In the day you were created, they were prepared.  You were the anointed cherub that covers, and I had put you in the holy heights of God, where you were. You walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, until iniquity was found in you…. Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. I have cast you to the ground. I will put you before kings, that they may see you.

Free Fall

“Why have I been called here?” said Jasper, a frown appearing on his seamlessness bronze face.

“Because I have mercy”, said a kind voice, as the presence of God filled the room like a thick cloud of smoke. 

“What do you mean?”, replied Jasper, confusion spreading over his rugged features.

“Yesterday you pushed Griddle, after he made a joke regarding your eyes?”, replied the voice gently appearing to come from one of the seven pillars of fire that burned before the throne of God.

“But you should not have let him do that”, said Jasper, frustration creeping into his voice. “My eyes are dark and deep, I love my eyes”.

“I will talk to Griddle. But remember our two rules. 'What are they'?” questioned the voice from the flames.

Jasper fidgeted nervously. “You shall not harm others, and you shall not rebel against the command of God, if you do you shall surely die”, Jaspers bronze face turned white in shock, “You can’t!!”, cried Jasper, “It was so cruel, I had to do some thing?

The voice interrupted Jasper, “Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. You will not die, I am just reminding you how we do things here, with kindness,” the voice continued, “Try to forgive Griddle, if he does it again, can you do that Jasper?”.

Jasper struggled for a while, then said “I guess so”.

“Then I also forgive you Jasper, go out and enjoy yourself, I have forgotten this even happened, I won’t bring it up again”.

Jasper gratefully bowed, feeling a wave of love engulfing him. With joy he turned and left the presence of the LORD. As he walked from the throne room, into the hall, he saw Griddle walking into the throne. He almost felt like giving Griddle a wag of his head, and a stern warning look to pay him back for the joke of the day before. But he restrained him self, knowing that he had been extended mercy.

Griddle walked into the throne room, the cloud of the presence was thick in the air. “So he is back”, said a voice in jest, “Yes this is becoming a habit” returned another. “What do you think we should do?”, a voice uttered. “Cast him out”, spoke another.

Griddle stared in horror at the last statement, and he turned to run, suddenly a figure appeared in front of him blocking his path. “Did I give you permission to leave?”, said the winged being in front of Griddle. The angel standing in front of Griddle was the most splendid looking being to behold, within his body were many pipes, musical instruments that continually played a melodious sound, the sound changed depending upon the mood of the being. For a brief few seconds the sound seemed foreboding, and dim, very unusual for heaven, which played a continual bright tune.

“Lucifer” interrupted a voice from the throne room, “I was joking, Griddle is not being cast down”, the voice continued “I thought I might play a joke on Griddle like he does on others”. “I think you have had enough for one day Griddle, you are free to go”. The voices from the throne room seemed to laugh amongst them selves. “Poor Griddle, with you around Lucifer we don’t need hell, you are enough to frighten, the poor visitors into submission”.

“You really need to be more gentle,” said a voice addressing Lucifer, “we really are not that serious around here”. Lucifer said nothing and flew above the throne room, where the most beautiful sound proceeded from him. “Oh and Lucifer, no you are not better than Griddle, he really does have a good heart”.

Latter in one of the gardens of God, a group of angels met. “Did you hear?”, said Ryder excitedly.

“Hear what?”, replied an angel with a hint of indifference.

“God, God is making a new galaxy, he wants more worshipers, He said he has something special for them to do, he will give them creative abilities and dominion over his new world”. 

The angel stepped down from the fence he was sitting on, and said “Do we get to do anything?”.

“Yes, Yes, this is the fun bit, we get to help design the creatures on the new world”, said Ryder. “I can’t wait” he exclaimed, throwing sheets of paper out in front of every one, with drawings on them.

“You have been busy,” said Michael “Don’t you ever tire of doing this sort of thing, I feel like a bit of excitement every now and again,”

Ryder looked puzzled, “What do you mean by excitement Michael?”

Michael turned away, “I don’t know, some times I just wish for a little more action. You know like I could do something great, something noble, prove my self if you know what I mean.” he continued “Everything here seems so tame”. 

“Well why don’t you ask God?”, suggested Ryder.

“Ask him what?”, mused Michael.

“To let you be noble”, replied Ryder.

“But how?”, asked Michael.

“I don’t know, just pray”, Ryder encouraged.

“Michael moved away to a secluded place and prayed. “God, I want to be noble, I want to be something more than I am”.

Before the throne fire flared in bursts as the golden bowl of prayers was bought before God. “Did you hear that?”,

“Yes I did”, replied one of the Seven Spirits of God.

“What do you think we should do?”, replied another.

“To be noble there must be a choice, a choice to do both Good and evil?”. Wisely a voice replied.

“Yes, to be noble you must overcome evil, you must choose to do the good?”.

“Do you think now is the time?”.

“You mean with the new world?”.

“Should we do it?”

“I think we should.”

Latter outside, some angels were talking. “We have six days, then there will be a celebration, a day of rest, that is what I have heard” said Ryder.

A crowd came running out from the throne room of God, “It begins, it begins”, they shouted in a muddled unison of voices. Creation had started, waves of creative energy burst out from the throne room of God. A great flash of light was seen in the distance as new stars were created from the breath of God.

“God is creating something big this time I can feel it”, said Ryder. “I just hope he uses some of my ideas”, he smiled, as he ran to meet the crowd of angels coming forward from the throne. “What is he making?”, inquired Ryder,

“Look up in the sky and you will see”, replied an angel pointing upwards. The sky was illuminated with a visual representation of the new creation. Water, trees, plants, animals, all began to take form. It only seemed like seconds, then standing there before them was the first man. God new creation.

“Now for the pinnacle of my creation”, said the voice of God coming forward from the throne room. The first man, was put into a deep sleep and God removed a rib from him, and from it formed a woman. The woman was the most radiant creation that God had made. No being created in the heavens compared to her.

“Wow”, said Ryder, I thought Lucifer was beautiful, “God this is amazing”, he said in awe.

“But there is one last thing that I will create.”, said God. God created a tree in the garden he called Eden and named it the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. “No man shall eat of that tree,” God commanded, “the day they do they shall die”. Michael, felt an inner nudge, as a soft voice spoke to him, “You wanted to be noble now you have your chance”.

Shortly after, Ryder met Lucifer. “Hey Lucifer, did you see what God created?”, said Ryder in a whisper as he entered the throne room, for worship. “You are no longer the most beautiful of God’s creations”. Lucifer seemed taken back by the statement.

Some time passed, then Lucifer spoke to God. “Can I be given leave?”, asked Lucifer.

“Do you feel threatened by some thing?”, replied a voice from the throne room.

Lucifer choked, aghast at the speedy reply to his question. “I am not sure what you mean”, Lucifer tried to stress with a puzzled accent to his voice.

“You are worried that you are no longer the most splendid of our creatures”, replied the voice before the throne.

Lucifer felt his body twist with discomfort realising he could not hide his inner most feelings. “Can I at least look?”, he replied, knowing there was no point hiding his thoughts.

“You may”, was the reply.

Lucifer flew down from the throne room, and made his way to the tunnel that ran to the new world that had been created. When he arrived it was dark, “This is unusual”, he thought to himself, in heaven there was no darkness only light. The darkness made him feel uncomfortable, even though there was warmth to the air. Being further away from the throne room, he could not as easily feel the presence of God, he began to feel feelings he had never experienced before, anxiety and fear.

“Because you are away from my presence you grow weaker”, nudged an inner whisper to Lucifer. “Remember that Lucifer, the further you get from me, the darker life becomes, in this world certain things have hidden my love, but one day it will be restored, that is why there is darkness here”. 

Lucifer pushed aside a fern, and entered a clearing. There in the clearing slept, two people, Adam and Eve. Lucifer looked intently at them, unsure what to think, they seemed very similar to angels he had seen in heaven, but the woman was different, her purpose was to display beauty. Lucifer realised his purpose was to display sound and melody, in heaven, not beauty. Inwardly he began to desire the beauty he saw before him.

“You can’t have that beauty, Lucifer, it is designed for the man, not for worship before heaven”, nudged God. “This beauty is designed to allure, to draw, and to bring children into my world, to bring me new worshipers. This beauty must remain on earth alone,  it can not enter heaven in its current form. In a sense what you have seen is unclean to you, it would corrupt you”. 

“Why then did you make some thing that was not good?” puzzled Lucifer.

“I did not say it was not good”, replied God, “all that I have created is good, just I don’t wish that heaven be allured by beauty, just built on friendship alone, you must keep your proper domain, you must not desire her beauty”.

For the first time Lucifer realised he had encountered temptation, temptation to turn against his ordained place, to embrace beauty.

“You should not have desired this Lucifer, but you have a choice, a choice to be noble or a choice to be debase, you now have that knowledge, you must be noble and resist the temptation to sin against my order of things”.

Making his way back to the throne room Lucifer encountered Ryder. Ryder had a smug look on his face, “Been some where Lucifer?”, knowing Lucifer had visited the earthly realm.

“Just returning to my domain”, grumped Lucifer.

“Domain?”, questioned Ryder.

“Oh it’s nothing”, retorted Lucifer.

Entering the throne room Lucifer flew above the presence of the LORD. Heaven was oddly silent, Lucifer struggled with the silence realising in his heart he desired more than he had been given. He desired to not have a ‘domain’.

A voice spoke into Lucifers mind, no one else in the throne room heard the voice. “You must be careful Lucifer, don’t desire that which is not yours to do, you bring heaven great rejoicing with the music I give to you”.

Yet Lucifers heart began to desire the ability to create, to build, to be his own master, to determine what he could, and could not do. “I need time to think.”, Lucifer blurted out loud. It seemed so out of place that everyone in the throne room turned their eyes to Lucifer with a questioning look.

“You may go and think, just remember Lucifer I love you”, “Oh Lucifer”, encouraged the voice “I have decided to give you the ability to create things, and to change your form you may be as beautiful as you desire to be, but you must not take the form of a woman in heaven, you will not be able to create worshipers for me only things. Remember to use this gift well, as I do not take back my gifts”.

Lucifer struggled in his emotions, feeling his desires had been met, yet still in his heart desiring to be his own master, his inner man felt like praising, yet in his own spirit he kept his complaint.

Lucifer flew farther and farther from the presence of God, as we went he felt tears welling up in his being, he began to weep. “I know I have what I need, but I don’t want a domain”, he cried. “I don’t want a domain”. Soon he had reached the outer part of the known creation, there was pitch black darkness in all directions. The darkness felt cold, isolating. “Surely here God, could not know my thoughts”, Lucifer thought. He struggled again, “I can be beautiful now, I can choose my own look”.

Lucifer returned to heaven. From time to time he would change his form in heaven, to the awe of all who saw him. But soon the novelty wore off. Again he began to desire more. He desired to be able to rule over others. The thoughts seemed invasive, often he would find himself thinking over and over about the ability to rule like God did. During worship Lucifer began to drop beats, his music became distorted, as his mind became consumed with thoughts of self glory. This was unusual in heaven, everything was always in order, and flowed melodiously.

God quietly spoke to Lucifers mind, “There is only one ruler in heaven, I can not trust others with the ability to rule like me; with out me they will become corrupted, you must remain joined to me, joined to my way of doing things”.

“I must go”, coughed Lucifer.

“You are free to go, but you can not have the thing you ask for this time”, replied God.

This time Lucifer did not cry, he raced to the edge of the world to the outer darkness. He felt embarrassed, to have lost his tune in front of heaven. “God must have wanted that”, he accused. Inwardly he began to feel a resentment against heaven, and its ruler. Rather than return to heaven Lucifer took a tunnel way to earth.

Some time passed. Back in heaven, Griddle, Jasper, and Ryder were walking in heaven, Jasper found himself admiring one of the flying banners that God had created to display His heavenly beauty. “I just love those things”, praised Jasper.

“Have you noticed the throne room is empty?”, Ryder asked the two.

“Yes”, said Griddle. “There is no Lucifer”, he continued.

“He must be performing some task for God”, said Ryder.

“Did you hear him miss a beat?”, questioned Jasper, “I have never heard anything like it, it sounded awful”.

Far away Lucifer sat in the garden of Eden and watched Adam and eve walk in the shade of the day. Using his gift from God, he took the form of a bird and flew above them, watching them closely. Lucifer felt an inner drawing to the beauty of Eve. He wanted to reach out and take it, to make it his own. Why should only Adam have access to that beauty thought Lucifer. Lucifer flew down to the ground, and changed his form back to his original appearance. “I will take this beauty to be my own”, Lucifer decided.

“No”, a voice echoed with urgency in Lucifers mind. “I will, not allow this. You have no right to touch what is not yours, do not continue down this path”, the voice urged.

“Then I will make them mine”, Lucifer rebelled. 

“The only way you can do that Lucifer is to get them to sin, in doing so you will harm them, and their offspring, I can not allow this. If you do it I will have to send you to hell, turn now, turn back to me, I will allow you back to your rightful place, if you will only obey me”. 

“Obey you? You are proud, and do not allow your creatures any freedom”, scoffed Lucifer, “But I will return”.

Lucifer returned to the throne room, and flew above the throne as he always had before. But his thoughts were confused, and muddled, he continued to obsess over his thought of having no freedom, and having to obey God. Lucifer stopped and realised every one was looking at him, their faces stunned. From the pipes in his body a oddly dull and deeply dark sound was erupting.

“You need time to rest Lucifer”, God spoke gently, “You will have peace restored as you rest in me”.

Lucifer rushed from the presence of God, but rather than stay in heaven, where the peace of God filled every thing he sped toward the tunnel to earth.

“What just happened?”, questioned Ryder.

“Love is here in everything we do, if we cease to love, we become like a clanging cymbal, a noise that can not be tolerated by heaven. Lucifer is beginning to loose the ability to love”, God spoke into Ryder.

“Lucifer, ceasing to love?”, Ryder was confused. 

Lucifer in a rage returned to earth determined now to persecute the woman, and her offspring. “I no longer want her beauty”, he cursed in his heart, “I want her to perish, I will use her to corrupt heaven, I will form an army against God, we will be free to do as we wish, and when I have defeated God I will rule over all”.

Back in heaven, there was silence in the throne room. “We must try to stop this”, a voice echoed through the silent halls of heaven. “Send a group of angels to stop Lucifer, before he sins, we do not want him in hell”.

“But he is almost there now”, a voice replied.

“Yes, but we must try. Call for Ryder, Jasper, and Griddle, and take Michael. He will no longer listen to our voice, maybe he will listen to them”.

Suddenly Ryder, Jasper, Griddle and Michael appeared in a clearing on earth, before Lucifer.

“Why are we here?”, Griddle struggled to come to terms with the speed at which he had moved through time and space.

“To speak sense to Lucifer, he intends to sin”, God’s voice echoed into their minds.

“Speak to him about what?”, Jasper gasped.

“He is going to tempt Eve to sin, and she will die, and her offspring will become corrupted”, God instructed.

Lucifer took the form of a bird and flew above them, sensing his pursuers.  Griddle, and Jasper sprung forward, racing through the under growth. Griddle struck a tree, and fell backwards to the ground. For the first time he encountered pain, his inner being felt like cursing, but he with held it.

Ryder reached out his hand and picked up Griddle. “Come on we must go, he went that way”, Ryder encouraged.

It was evening and soon darkness was over the earth. “I am not liking this,” Jasper said as they all met in a clearing, beside a stream of running water.

“No, and he is gone”, replied Michael.

Not long after Eve was walking by herself beside a lion, stroking its main. When suddenly a serpent appeared before her, serpents were more intelligent than any of the animals that God had created. The serpent spoke to Eve. “Did God actually say, 'You are not to eat from any tree of the garden'?” 

“We may eat from the trees of the garden,” the woman answered the serpent, “but as for the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden, God has said, 'You are not to eat from it, nor are you to touch it, or you will die.'”

“You certainly will not die!” the serpent told the woman. “Even God knows that on the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you'll become like God, knowing good and evil.”

The serpent took the woman to the tree; he slithered over some rocks, and then coiled around the tree. Eve followed behind him.

Adam sensing his wife was no longer near by, searched for her, he found her by the tree talking to the serpent.

“Do you know what this serpent told me,” Eve expressed to Adam. “That the only reason why God does not want us to eat from this tree is because it will make us a wise as God”.

“How do you know”, replied Adam, intrigued by the current set of events.

“How do you think I became so wise”, asked the serpent. “Is that beast with you as wise as us”, hissed Lucifer, as he pointed toward the lion that had followed them.

“Let’s just try it”, insisted Eve.

A quite voice interrupted her train of thought. “You must not eat of that tree, you will bring much suffering to you and your children, if you do not learn to obey me. If you obey me you will have peace.”.

When Eve saw that the tree produced good food, was attractive in appearance, and was desirable for making one wise, she took some of its fruit and ate it. Then she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate some, too.

Suddenly Lucifer changed form, but he was no longer in the form he had been created in heaven, he took on the form of a hideous beast. “Now God you will have hell,” scoffed Lucifer.

Eve fell to the ground stunned by the events, that were unfolding before her.

“Look upon your nakedness”, scoffed the serpent with it I shall rule the heavens and the earth. Suddenly Eve realised she was naked. Tearfully she ran into the garden and hid.

God appeared to Adam and Eve he called out to the man, asking him, “Where are you?”

“I heard your voice in the garden,” the man answered, “and I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid from you.” 

“Who told you that you are naked?” God asked. “Did you eat fruit from the tree that I commanded you not to eat?”

The man answered, “The woman whom you provided for me gave me fruit from the tree, and I ate some of it.”

Then God asked the woman, “What did you do?”

“The serpent misled me,” the woman answered, “so I ate.”

God threw Lucifer down to the ground saying, “Because you have done this, you are more cursed than all the livestock, and more than all the earth's animals, You'll crawl on your belly and eat dust as long as you live. I'll place hostility between you and the woman, between your offspring and her offspring. He'll strike you on the head, and you'll strike him on the heel.”  

He told the woman, “I'll greatly increase the pain of your labor during childbirth; it will be painful for you to bear children. “Your trust turns toward your husband, yet he will dominate you.” He told the man, “Because you have listened to what your wife said, and have eaten from the tree about which I commanded you, 'You must not eat from it,' cursed is the ground because of you. You'll eat from it through pain-filled labor for the rest of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you'll eat the plants from the meadows. You will eat food by the sweat of your brow until you're buried in the ground, because you were taken from it. You're made from dust and you'll return to dust.”

The God took the lion who stood before them killed it and fashioned garments from the animals skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them.

Back in heaven a voice spoke before the throne room. “Look! The man has become like one of us in knowing good and evil. Now, so he won't reach out, also take from the tree of life, eat, and then live forever we must expel him from the garden”.

The Lord appeared to Adam and Eve and expelled the man from the garden of Eden so he would work the ground.

“Eeek”, Ryder gasped as he saw Lucifer before him in his hideous form. “Who are you?”.

“I am Lucifer, whom God has cast out”.

“Why would he cast you out? Did you harm Eve?”, Ryder replied.

“It is a lie, I sought to save her”, deceived Lucifer. “Do you not realise God has put boundaries on each of us? Did you not see the tree in the garden, it is a wall he has put up to keep us from freedom. Don’t you see we all must obey God, or else he punishes us.”. See the curse he has put on Adam and Eve, he intends to kill them, and he intends to kill me”, Lucifer put forward. “His purpose is that we will all die, he intends to kill us all, he will declare me guilty, yet it is him who is deceiving us”.

Ryder stood aghast, nothing like this had ever been heard before.

“What if he is right”, questioned Griddle. “Maybe God has determined our set places only to force us to sin, so that he may destroy us, as he has the man and woman”.  “Come with me to heaven.”, Griddle commanded.

Soon after. “What is that?”, angels in heaven fearfully gasped as they saw Lucifer’s hideous form, as Griddle, and the others approached the throne room.

“God why did you curse the woman, and why did you harm Lucifer”, Griddle protested before the throne room of heaven. 

A flurry of whispers erupted in the throne room, as angels tried to come to terms with the accusation.

“They did not harm anyone” said Griddle.

“All they did was disobey YOU”, accented Lucifer in a hiss, his tongue coming forth as a snake.

“Every sin must be punished”, said God, “to turn men back to me”.

“But what of me?”, hissed Lucifer, “You have given even that woman dominion over me, making me lower than the beasts they rule.”

“Just be happy that I have not sent you to hell”, God replied, “But if you continue to sin, I will cast you into the lake of fire”, God threatened. 

“What sin did Lucifer commit?”, Griddle retaliated.

“He sought to kill Eve, to use her as a tool, to his own ends, to draw YOU away Griddle”, a voice echoed. In his heart Griddle felt a sudden shock, as the words penetrated him, realising he was fighting against God.

“Come with me and see, see what God has done to the creation he made”, proposed Lucifer forcefully. A small group of angels began to quarrel among them selves and followed Lucifer.

Some time latter the angels returned. “God has indeed cast them out”, fearfully gasped an angel as he returned to heaven.

The spirit of God whirled in confusion, as the continual attacks mounted around him.

“Strike against the throne!” Lucifer cried, “take down any who stand in the way”.

“What?!”, cried Ryder, “You know the rules, we can’t harm others, neither can we rebel against God”.

A great number of angels joined with Lucifer in attacking the throne room.

“I can’t believe it,” stated Michael, “God has always loved us and helped us, why would he break His own rules”.

Lucifer struck Michael throwing him to the ground. Some angels joined with Lucifer striking those who resisted them.

“Stop”, cried God. “I can not have violence in heaven”, but they continued to fight.

“See”, Lucifer cried out, “God is weak, he has not cast any of you to hell, keep fighting”. In their hearts some began to doubt God’s ability to fight back. “God wants you in chains”, cried Lucifer, “bound to a domain of his choosing, as slaves. Come with me and you shall be free to do as you wish”. More angels joined with Lucifer.

“He killed Adam and Eve, surely he will kill us too”, echoed the joint cry of many angels.

“I do not want violence and death”, God exclaimed.

“Then death you shall have”, retaliated Lucifer, as he charged into the throne room.

“Enough”, cried God. “All of you be silent as you know my plan, it is I who has allowed this to take place, and it is I who shall pay for it. Lucifer you wish to kill, then you shall have your wish. I will go as a man to the earth you have ruined, and I shall allow you to torment and kill my mortal body, that I may pay for the sins of Adam and Eve, so they can choose to have life in believing in me. As this day you can choose to have life too, cease to fight and you will be restored to life, fight and all of you will have hell waiting for you”.

“Lies, Lies Lies”, cried Lucifer, “God is weak, have you seen him act. He had no power to throw me into hell, why the rule about Love, is it not only to protect Him. He can not protect Himself so he makes these rules, come with me all of you and we shall rid our selves of this God. You can have what you like, it all will be ours to control”. Lucifer continued, “God will not pay for the sins of man, he will not help them”.

“Believe God and you will be established”, cried Michael, having gained his composure.

One third of the angels in heaven stood behind Lucifer, now called Satan. The remaining two thirds stood before heaven’s throne in its defence, and a great war erupted. Satan and his angels fought, against Michaels angels. Violent clashes erupted before heaven.

“No more, a voice erupted from the throne room”, and suddenly like lightning falling from the sky God cast down Satan and his angels to earth. “I have said you shall be below even beasts, and below man Satan, I cast you down to the earth, so they can rule over you, and you can watch my victory over your sin, then when the time comes you shall be cast into the lake of fire, and those who follow you in disobedience to me shall also perish with you”.

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