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Robert Palmer has been an evangelist and bible teacher for many years in private but has recently started some small online churches on facebook, where he relies upon God for leadership and direction, also acknowledging his wives spiritual input, he works with her to refine his messages, and believe there is always an improvement when she is involved. He believes love is the primary call of the believer, and the primary trait of God. He has received three calls from God in His life, the call to evangelism, the call to help the poor, and the call to engage governments with the message of love and concern for his fellow man. He acknowledges his humanity, and need for direction, correction, and advice. Below are just some pointers I have learned on topics important to many. All services on this Website are free, we do not charge for advise, or our time.

Need spiritual healing, or healing prayer we will pray for you

God has used me before in divine healing, some people have been healed instantly, others after prolonged prayer. Some were not healed. But regardless of your situation God still loves you, and can heal you if you seek it. Contact me for prayer at

What to do if I remain sick

I would say keep on seeking, keep on knocking, don't give up. If you have a need God is willing to answer you. The bible says God is love, God heals because he loves people not becasue we have done anything good. Not every prayer is instant, some times you have to just keep at it until God answers, just don't loose heart.

In some situations God does not answer our desire for healing. But if you read the bible there is a story of a famous man of God, Elisha, he got sick and died of his sickness, this man had been known to have performed many miracles, yet he himself died sick. But the end of his life was glorious, he was so full of God's power that when he died and was put in a tomb a dead man was thrown in his grave the dead man came alive again and revived. So don't think that just because you are sick God can't use you, God can work powerfully in your life.

Christian advice, Christian relationship advice, Marriage advice

I have a full and happy life, and I believe that I can offer advice to people who are seeking to prosper in life. I may not have the answer you are looking for but I can at least pray with and for you that God brings you the solution you need contact me at However my advice would be summed up in this one statment:

(1Th 5:17) pray without ceasing;

Early Childhood Advice

So far I have only experienced my sons child hood, not adolecence. But I have begun to learn some principals that will be useful to you if you have your first child, or struggle with being a parent. One of the most important things for a child is learning how to deal with tantrums, and bad behaviour. In the first year of a childs life they have no understanding of language, and you can not express your thoughts in words.

Once a child reaches the age of two things dramatically change and the way you should treat your child also changes. At this age a child has learned a few words, they know the meaning of the word "No". It is from this age that you need to reason with your child. Children at this age are imitators, they copy every thing that you do. If you get angry they will copy your emotions and be angry, if you hit them they will hit you back. The key I believe to having a well behaved child is not to scold them in anger, and show your disaproval. This only births similar behaviours in your child. They will lash out in disaproval and anger when they feel threatened. You need to mimic with them the behaviours you want.

Pro 15:18 A wrathful man stirreth up strife: but he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife.

Pro 15:1 A kind answer soothes angry feelings, but harsh words stir them up.

Show your child love, show them you love them. Cuddle them, play with them, if they talk to you listen to them. Be respectful of their emotions and thoughts. If you show them that you care for their thoughts, when you have something you want them to do they will listen to you becasue you listen to an take note of them. A two year old knows the meaning of the word "No", if they get angry or disobedient, use the bible key "a kind answer soothes angry feelings", speak to them gentely and kindly, showing them the behaviour they need to be exhibiting, and just kindly tell them "No". They know what you mean, and they see how they should be acting by your gentleness. Don't scold them in anger, that is the bad behaviour they are exhibiting, they will not understand that there is anything wrong with being angry and demanding. I rearly hit my son, and do not allow him to hit others. I just mimic the behaviour I want him to show. He loves me, and he is learning to be kind to others. Physical discipline should only be used as a very last resort, if a child will not respond to other methods, and only in extreme cases of bad behaviour, for me I have only hit my son once in two years, it happened when he would go around hitting others, and trying to hurt people, and no matter what I said or did he did not stop. Physical discipline worked in this case and stopped his bad behaviour. I have found it is just as effective to take away a toy for a season, which my son hates, rather than to use physical discipline.

Relationship Advice

Below is some advice for Christians who are seeking a partner in life. It was posted on an internet forum.

Internet Dating

Opposite to popular belief Christian Internet dating is actually a very good way to meet local singles. It is the way I met my wife, but I will leave the discussion of our meeting to a different category. Every person I met while internet dating were very good Christians with good walks with God. The trick with internet dating is to pick profiles that share similar spiritual interests to you. If you like to talk about God, find some one who talks about God in their profile. But don’t pick some one who you think is too spiritual for you. There were people who talked about going on mission trips, that was too spiritual for me, they were very good people, and although my walk with God has been one of outreach to unbelievers going on overseas mission trips is not my thing. Pick people who sound like they are at your level. My wife did not have much success with dating men online, so experiences may vary, just test people out.

Expect Rejection

Many people date more than one person, or when online dating have communication with multiple different people. This means that in the dating world a person may leave you for some one they see as better. I once dated a really nice Christian girl who I met on a dating Website, we got on really well together, and had a good time. But eventually she found another man and went out with him, he was better looking than me. So be prepared for rejection, and don’t take it personally.

Be Prepared to make friends

There was a Church I attended where there were quite a few girls that I liked. I found that over time I made friends with all of them. We were friends for years. I also got to know some of their parents. This was not something I had to force but it just happened naturally. Be open to natural connections. But be aware that you may need to actually ask one of them out, I hid my feelings for years, so never really will ever know if one of them would have dated me. Friendships are good, but because the goal of friendship is not marriage it is hard to know where you stand. After a season of genuine friendship if you do like some one I suggest ask them out. But be prepared for your friendship to end some girls get spooked if you bring up the relationship word. It has happened to me once.

Mission Trip Meetings

Often Christians meet their partner on mission trips. Or during church out reaches or groups. Often a Christian partner will have a similar desire in God to you. My brother met his wife on a mission trip. God spoke to him and told him he was going to marry a person on the trip. He thought it was the devil, so ignored it. But the girl who God mentioned took an interest in him, and they started dating, they then got married, they now have a happy family life.

Direct Revelation from God

In this section I am going to discuss the care that needs to be taken when entering this realm. I am a Christian who prays a lot and from time to time can hear God’s voice. He has used this method for various ministry reasons such as, salvation, or rescue, or finding out special information useful for furthering the gospel. But when it comes to relationships you must be careful. Firstly the devil often will try to deceive people into thinking they are destined for a particular person who will never marry them or even like them, to cause harm to them. The other difficulty is God may set you up in a situation and give you a chance, but ultimately the other person has a choice and that choice may be no. I once saw a really attractive girl on a Christian dating Website, I said to God, "Could you get that person to contact me and let me know you sent them, I am too scared to ask her out". One year latter that girl contacted me asking me out for a date. At the same time some days before she contacted me God gave me a vision of the place where the person had been baptised, and gave me a picture version of their online username. So when this person turned up I though great God has sent me a wife, with out thinking I told the girl that I had had a vision, and though we were destined to be married. This scared her witless, and she said I was being too intense. This filled me with fear, and I sent her an email telling her she was probably right, and told her all my faults. This just scared her off because she probably though I was crazy, and it totally devastated me, the devil used it as an opportunity to blame God, and it caused me to doubt God even loved me or cared for me, to the point I felt God did not even want me to be a Christian. From this you can see that although God may answer your prayer, even provide you with a sign, there is not a 100% guarantee that things will work out. People have a choice. That said I actually received my wife via direct revelation from God. I was on a Christian dating site and I said to God there must be someone on here who could make a good wife for me show me who. I prayed for a search term to enter into the search box, with the word I received I typed it into the search box. My wife’s profile came up first in the search results. I thought she looked ok, so I contacted her. To my supprise she had been trying to contact me, but had been unable to. We were in the same city, so we decided to go out dating, and I told her nothing about what I had done in prayer. We got on well together, went out for a few months to movies, parks, shopping, and decided to marry. We are now happily married and have a son. So God can use direct revelation. But be aware when trying to hear God’s voice, God does not always speak, often the devil will always say something to confuse you. Voices in the spirit realm are very similar. So you may well hear Satan, or both God and the devil. If you start getting confused, just stop, and be aware God has not spoken. If things start working out for good, just use your natural mind to test things out. The spiritual will just lead to the natural anyway. You don’t want to be asking God for every thing, he just won’t tell you, and it will give the devil the opportunity to confuse you.

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If you need advice or Christian prayer contact me using the following email address my name is Robert Palmer, I also have a wife Ru Chen who can join with you in prayer. If you have an urgent need we can put you on the church prayer chain, where many others will pray for you. If you feel embarresed about the need or it is private just say you need prayer but don't wish to disclose what the need is. Also don't be afraid to ask God yourself, but the bible says Mattew 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. The prayer of agreement has power.

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