Are you saying to yourself: I hate my life, I am going to commit suicide, I am going to kill myself, I no longer want to live, tomorrow I will be dead, then there is hope for you too.

I wanted to kill myself but God helped me, and made my life great

Some years ago my life got so bad that I tried to kill myself. From a young age I had always suffered from rejection, not being a very attractive person. In my latter life trying to build relationships with girls I found that it always ended in rejection. After one particularly bad break up I entered into a very deep depression. I found that I no longer wanted to live because I felt all my desires were continually being denied. My mind was continually bombarded with thoughts of ending my own life. One day I was in the bath and I decided I would drown my self, I put my face under the water, and tried to hold myself down. I thought of my family and how it would effect them, and I also felt God say to me not to do it that he had a good plan for me. So I pulled myself up and decided not to do it. It was the best decicion I could have made. A few years latter God actually spoke to me and told me a person who would marry me, it turned out that this girl liked me and we eventually did get married. I now have a very happy married life and a young son. So all my rejection and relationship struggle ended, with the help of God.

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